The dinner at Buon Appetito Restaurant for the One Hundred and fourth year of the formidable high school football rivalry went very successfully. 

There are fifty-three people showed up in the evening to share the camaraderie, fun and stories. All the concerned individuals came to this event to support this longest neighborhood two towns’ high schools’ football rivalry, while the guests include the student captains, coaches, and the school administrators from both schools, Rotarian, and the former coaches and players who brought the stories and experience which happened all the way from back to seventy years ago till now. What a great night with all these wonderful people before the game!

There are nine members, Feng Sure, Rich Willner, Marti Bradshaw, Margaret Victoria, Linda Wilkinson, Sabrina Buehler, Salvatore Ritacco, Matt and Liz Tattersall, from our club participated the celebration with our district governor Gerry Tom. 

The dinner went from 6:00 p.m. to a little bit after 8:00 p.m.